Rules of Play

Please familiarise yourself with our basic rules of play before your event.

  • Under 4's only
  • Strictly no face paint, glitter paint, texta’s, messy play items, silly string, party poppers to be used on or anywhere near the soft play area. These items cause permanent staining on Soft Play and as such we reserve the right to cancel your booking should activities involving those listed be on site or lined up. 
  • Children and Adults - Shoes off, socks on whilst in the play area.
  • No high heels to enter the play area.This causes irreparable damage to the mats.
  • Strictly no food or drinks allowed in the soft play area.
  • No pets in or near the soft play area.
  • No chairs, gazebos, tents are allowed on the soft play area (no exceptions).
  • No smoking or barbeques near the soft play area and play equipment.
  • A responsible adult must supervise at all times.
  • Soft play equipment and ball pits must not get wet or be fully exposed to the sun as the equipment can become slippery and/or hot.
  • Sharp objects not limited to drinking glasses/ bottles are not allowed near or in the soft play area and ball pit.
  • Do not move or disassemble the play equipment.