Benefits of Soft Play for Toddlers

October 09, 2021 2 min read

Why is Soft Play so Important?

Cognitive development and growth. Cognitive development means how children think, explore and figure things out. It is the development of knowledge, skills, problem solving and dispositions, which help children to think about and understand the world around them. 

Social Skills. Children communicate in a number of ways. Toddler Events Party Hire’s Soft Play Packages are a great way for the little ones to get together and explore through play. Our packages are designed to be safe and provide hours of fun and entertainment.

Problem Solving and Adaptability. Not only are our soft play packages and toys fun, they also encourage your little people to think and get creative trying to figure out how to get through, under or over an obstacle.

Soft play encourages motor developmentas children can work on stepping, climbing, crawling, jumping and rolling without fear of injury. 

Encourages exercise and is good for physical strength.Play should be fun and why shouldn’t exercise. Encouraging children to exercise in a variety of different ways is not only good for their muscles and physical development, but also for their mental wellbeing and spatial awareness. Having to jump, climb and crawl helps build strength, agility and fitness.

Improves Sleep. Yes, you can thank us later. All that fun, thinking, climbing, crawling and socialising is exhausting so you will probably find that your toddler is ready for a big long nap afterwards and as we all know sleep is vital for development. Deep sleep is when children do most of their learning, making sense of what they have seen in the day and making vital connections in their brains.