Top Party Themes for 2021/2022

October 10, 2021 3 min read

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to planning or hosting a party. For example there are so many cool theme’s to choose from.

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Let’s look at the top party themes for 2021/2022.

For parents and hosts looking to plan an unforgettable kid’s birthday celebration, we’ve got the ideas and trends to get you there.

Pastel Tones.This one is broad as the possibilities are endless when it comes to pastel themed parties. We can incorporate pastel tones into so many of the trends listed below.

Fairy Party. An elegant and timeless theme. Let your little guests flutter and twirl in celebration of the birthday girl/boy.

Unicorn/Enchanted Garden Party.Create a truly mystical and magical experience with this whimsical party theme.

Donut Party. Who doesn’t love a good donut. ... or two, which is why a donut themed party is a great choice for those that just can't get enough of them.

Go with a colourful pastel colour scheme to make your party absolutely delicious!

Icecream Party.  Icecream Icecream we all scream for Icecream. A summer favourite and another fabulous party theme for those with a sweet tooth is undoubtedly an ice cream party.

Llama Party. A hot party theme for 2021 is undoubtedly a llama party. Like flamingo and unicorn parties, llama birthday parties are a massive hit and are a great excuse to add some colour and fiesta to a birthday!

Wild One Safari Party.This theme is massive right now and rightly so. Featuring animals from adventures to the zoo, this popular party theme is crammed with cuteness and packs a punch in the colour department too. Think lush green leaves, glistening gold balloons and safari creatures with spots and stripes standing proud.

Woodland Party.Children love cute little animals like foxes and deer, which is one of the reasons why woodland parties are so popular.

Dinosaur Party. Dinosaur parties have become another massive trend and boys especially can’t seem to get enough.

Flamingo Party. Similiar to llama parties, it’s one trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Add some tropical flair with lots of pineapples, bright pinks and as many flamingos as you can carry.

Carousel Party.It’svintage, elegant and pretty and there’s something nostalgic about watching those stunning horses so round.

Under The Sea Party. Kids really enjoy this theme. Like with mermaids, let your little guests dive into a magical underwater adventure.

Paw Patrol Party. If your little ones adore Rubble, Chase, Marshall and all the PAW Patrol pups, then you’re going to love this.

Circus Party.Roll up, roll up! The show is about to begin! The circus theme is a great party idea for toddlers and both boys and girls up to the age of 10.

Alice in Wonderland Party. Transform your home into the Mad Hatters tea party and follow Alice as she falls deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. This is a quirky party theme that can be enjoyed by the young and old

Peter Rabbit Party. The cheeky Peter Rabbit characters are a fabulous choice for a birthday party. If there’s any other rabbit that can outdo the Easter bunny in popularity, it’s Peter Rabbit. The cheeky bunny in a blue peacoat and his friends are stealing the lime light If there’s any other rabbit that can outdo the Easter bunny in popularity, it’s Peter Rabbit. The cheeky bunny in a blue peacoat and his friends are stealing the lime light.

Frozen Party. Frozen parties have always been a massive trend and girls really can't seem to let them go. Anna and Elsa continue to enchant with their love for each other and their amazing songs.

Farm Party. It’s a classic theme that never gets old so let’s party all day with the party animals on the farm.

Disney Princesses Party.Another year where girls' dreams will come true and they'll be princesses, even if only for a day.